Internet-based premium optimization for the life settlement market

calculate ultimate minimum premiums INSTANTANEOUSLY


LS Value Maximizer, LLC (LSVM) offers a web based system that projected optimized minimum premiums of more than 1,200 life insurance policies associated with more than 100 products that are widely used in the life settlement market in order to maximize the value of life settlement policies.


Insurers in general do not provide minimum premium illustration for inforce policies. Investors often end up paying what the insurers require or excessive premium calculated by ignoring the applicable policy provisions. As a result, values of the policies are understated or inaccurate.

Ultimate minimum premium must be determined as the minimum amount required each month (or year or quarter) to support the policy based on policy provisions, prior premium history and recent illustration from the insurer.


LSVM has designed and developed a system that calculates ultimate minimum premium for future remaining years of the life insurance policy. Our system accommodates contractual provisions attributable to lapse protection, various shadow accounts, riders and applicable endorsements. Our system uses a formula to solve for COI rates while relying on policy provisions pertaining to each individual policy. This system is available in a server and can be used by users who are registered to use the system.

Calculation of ultimate minimum premium is performed monthly or quarterly or annually. Front end screens would enable the users to easily project the ultimate minimum premiums. It is our understanding that all of our clients have benefited from our system in decreasing the minimum premiums solved by other systems and increasing the value of the portfolios.



-LSVM system has successfully projected optimized premiums of more than 1,200 policies with various features such as shadow account value
– Actuarial consulting with respect to valuation
– Free initial training of system features as well as required insurance knowledge

Simple Interface

– You may easily download insurance illustrations
– Create and manage your own product library without any installation or additional infrastructure

High Performance

– Optimize monthly, quarterly and annual premiums instantaneously


LSVM system solves and projects the optimized premiums based on policy provisions and accommodates secondary guarantees including various forms of shadow account values. The system enables the user to adhere to the applicable policy provisions. The screen shots of input and output are shown below:


projectioninput-edit2 policydatainput-edit1 history illustration-edit2 productfeaturesoutput-edit1 outputscreen-edit1


Qualified Team

– Over 60 years of collective experience in life insurance
– Multiple industry-changing patents

LS Value Maximizer, LLC (LSVM) has extensive experience in assisting the buyers and sellers in the life settlement market by providing consulting and valuing policies and portfolios of policies as well as assistance with continued maintenance of portfolios of life settlement policies.

We have valued portfolio of policies utilizing our own methods with respect to (i) determining the applicable and reasonable set of mortality rates, (ii) developed methods to reconcile/modify medical underwriting rating based on available data from more than one LE providers and (iii) projecting minimum periodic premiums determined based on applicable policy provisions.

We have assisted buyers in formulating criteria to carefully select policies to be purchased with long term objective.

In addition to the current owners of LSVM, external actuarial resources are utilized from time to time based on projects undertaken by LSVM.

Our Team

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Kiri Parankirinathan

Kiri has over 30 years of experience in various aspects of insurance company Operations, corporate owned/sponsored, high net worth individual life insurance product design and regulatory compliance as well as life settlement industry. He is currently the president of Life Product Developers, Inc. (LPD) and the chief executive officer of Melaneus Premier Financial Systems, LLC (MPFS). He founded LPD in 1995 primarily to design and develop life insurance products for domestic and offshore insurers. MPFS was established in May, 2007 and currently serves eight insurance companies by licensing its illustration system and policy administration system to administer several hundreds of life and annuity polices. He is a member of the Society of Actuaries, American Academy of Actuaries and Association for Advanced Life Underwriting.

The products designed by Kiri have generated more than $1,500,000,000 of premiums for the insurance companies. Kiri has designed and priced more than 30 life and annuity products.

United States Patent & Trademark Office issued a patent in February 2006 to Kiri on method of calculating premium payment to cover the risk attributable to insureds surviving a specified period. An additional patent on Survival Risk Insurance was issued in March 2010 to Kiri. The issued patents include a pricing formula that has various applications in several markets such as life settlement market and premium financing market.
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Dave Mycek

Dave has over 20 years of experience in the life insurance and annuity marketplace. His background includes product development and financial reporting. A considerable portion of his experience is attributable to supporting product implementations and conversions onto administration systems. He is proficient in calculating various values for products such as Universal life, Variable life and annuities. He is also versatile with respect to creating and analyzing a variety of spreadsheet tools. Dave is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries. He is currently the president of Mycek Inc. Actuarial Consulting and Consulting Actuary of Melaneus Premier Financial Systems, LLC.
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Victor Bertolozzi

Vic has over 20 years of experience in various aspects of the life insurance and annuity marketplace. His experience spans product development, marketing, company operations, financial reporting, and systems design and implementation. Specifically, Vic has extensive experience in creating insurance products as well as in developing systems to price, illustrate and administer these products. He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and has spoken at various insurance-related conferences. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from Colgate University. He is currently the president of Melaneus Premier Financial Systems, LLC.

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